David was an original member of Mambo Productions Dance School faculty since its inception in 2003 and took over as Director at the start of 2012.

He has been dancing, teaching, and choreographing Salsa since 2003; as well as dancing and teaching related dance styles such as Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Pachanga, & Merengue. He has also competed internationally in such prestigious competitions as the World Salsa Championships (now called World Latin Dance Cup).

His love of dance lead him to train with some of the best Salsa/Mambo dancers in the world such as: Eddie Torres, Adolfo Indacochea, Juan Matos, Frankie Martinez, & Jason Molina. In addition to this, has also trained in other dance styles including Afro-Cuban, Guaguanco, Ballet, & International Style Latin Ballroom. He strives to bring an appreciation of not only dance, but the music and its history to his students.


Mambo Productions’ founder and Director from it’s inception in 2003 until the end of 2011. Originally from Poland, Alex is a dance student for life. She has committed herself to learning many forms of dancing and movement including salsa, ballet, acrobatics, yoga, Afro-Cuban, body isolation techniques and the history & roots of Latin dance.

Alex is varied in her style choreographically and technique definitely matters in all her classes. She encourages her students to develop and refine their personal style. She is passionate about her teaching so come with an open mind and no boundaries. Alex is currently the director of Mambo Productions “Tumbao” team as well as the Advanced Performance Team.


Having grown up in Venezuela, Marieli began her love of Salsa music and dance at age 4. She was able to learn from many of her country’s top dancers and received formal training in Rueda de Casino, Cuban Son, Casino “on 2”, Cha Cha Cha, Guaguanco, Afro-Cuban, New York style Mambo, African dance, Ballet, Jazz, Latin Fusion, Belly Dance, and is also a certified Zumba instructor.

As a member of several dance groups in Venezuela she participated and competed in many of the country’s top festivals including: the “Festival of Casineros”, Premio Phidia’s Star Festival, & The Cup of Salsa in Caracas. She went on to co-found “MY Salsa y Sabor Academy”.

After teaching in Venezuela for several years, Marieli relocated to Victoria BC where she was an instructor at the University of Victoria Salsa Club. In addition she has also been an invited instructor at such international events as: 2007 Seattle Salsa Congress, 2007 Taipei Salsa Congress, 2008 Paris Afro Salsa Festival International, 2008 Vancouver Cuba Baila, 2008 Edmonton SalsaPalooza, 2009 Cubamemucho, & 2008 – 2014 Calgary Salsa Congress.

Finally having settled down in Calgary for several years now, she has participated in the local dance scene as a performer and instructor. She is looking forward to sharing her vast experience and love of Latin dance. Marieli is currently the director of Mambo Productions “Candela” Ladies Styling Team, & Mambo Productions “Saoco” team.


Growing up with Cuban heritage, Maria Perez took an interest in Latin dance early in life and has enjoyed an eclectic career spanning a wide range of work in different creative arenas. She starred in the popular Much Music TV Show “Much 911” in 2005, appeared on TV Show “Everwood”, and has performed at numerous Salsa events throughout North America & the Caribbean.

Maria is well known for her rhythmic ability and Latin flavor. Her class is always fun, sometimes funky, emphasizing the importance of the personal styles of each individual student.

Maria’s favorite quote:

“The Dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing… there are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words. There are movements which impinge upon the nerves with a strength that is incomparable, for movement has power to stir the senses and emotions, unique in itself. This is the dancer’s justification for being, and his reason for searching further for deeper aspects of his art.” ~Doris Humphrey, 1937


Originally from Maracaibo – Venezuela, Moises grew up attached to his city’s traditions. Since the age of 9, he played instruments in different Gaita bands (Gaita is a style of Venezuelan folk music from Maracaibo) and performed Venezuela’s traditional dances, such as Baile de Tambor, Merengue and Joropo.

Moises moved to Canada in 2009 but it wasn’t until being constantly urged by his siblings that he gave “Salsa On 2” a try in 2014. After his first class, He instantly fell in love with it. He attended Mambo Production’s beginner group classes for a while, and few months later after learning the fundamentals of Salsa, he joined the “Saoco” and “Tumbao” performance teams. He has continued to improve his skills and has most recently been promoted to Mambo Productions Advanced Performance Team.

Showing notable improvements and determination, he has been training with Mambo Productions’ Director, David, for almost 2 years to become an instructor. Assisting and teaching the beginner and Intermediate group classes and dictating workshops as well.

As an Instructor, Moises is characterized for his energetic and friendly way of teaching; and he has an obvious passion for Mambo footwork and its history. As a dancer, Moises stands out for his “Sabor Latino”, freedom, & genuine way of having a good time while dancing.

Audrey (Guest Choreographer)

Audrey Gaussiran is a professional dancer from Montreal with a great passion for dance in all its forms. She has studied at the Conservatoire de Danse de Montréal (ballet, tap, flamenco, jazz, modern, etc.) and has traveled to Brazil, Cuba, New York and Egypt to perfect her art (NY Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Bellydance etc.).

Some of her professional experiences include: the musical Sherazade (Canada & France), Best of Broadway (Canada, USA & Egypt), La Traviata at the NAC in Ottawa, the American Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), the Montreal Jazz Festival, etc.

As a Latin dancer, she stands out with her sensual style, her strong technique and her stage presence. She is the bronze medalist of the Montreal Salsa Extreme Competition of 2005. After teaching for 7 years at the Caroline Paré Dance School (former Eddie Torres dancer), she created her own Ladies Styling group, “Audrey’s Angels”, which enjoys great success! She was also the former director of Mambo Productions “Candela” Ladies Styling Team.